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 "Incredible capabilities for handling large amounts of waste and crop residues"







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Depth and stubble works with no conditions

The SuperTILLER is a mounted cultivator with high-performance tines arranged in 2 or 3 rows. It is intended for tasks that require deeper tillage and effective management of stubble and residues. Especially in primary tillage, it allows breaking and working the soil vertically up to 40cm while maintaining low power requirements.

The SuperTILLER promotes the incorporation and decomposition of stubble, creating a deeper layer of soil prepared for subsequent tillage.





Design with advantages

Designed entirely by Vomer, the SuperTILLER is built with one of the strongest and lightest tines in its class, which, combined with the Non-Stop nonlinear system, allows for unparalleled working capacity, ranking among the best in its class. Additionally, the frame design combines excellent rigidity with low weight, thanks to the use of high-strength materials and intelligent design solutions.

The modular design allows for different working and compaction options for the same equipment, and even allows for interchangeability throughout the campaign





Building for the professional farmer

Like other Vomer equipment, the SuperTILLER cultivator is manufactured with high-strength steel and incorporates highly reliable components, allowing us to increase reliability and minimize adjustments and maintenance.

The tines and Non-Stop system ensure continuous work without worries about maintenance or adjustments. The robust and simple depth adjustment system provides advantages in use campaign after campaign.

A machine for working tirelessly and saving operating expenses






Greater working capacity

The natural terrain for the SuperTILLER is the most intense fieldwork, where it truly shines. The spacing and distribution of the tines eliminate blockages when working with large amounts of stubble, especially maize stubble.

The SuperTILLER effectively harnesses the tractor's power, where other chisels may fall short. This means that a tractor with less power can work under similar conditions, or conversely, with the same power, fuel consumption is reduced; this is Efficiency




A compact design

Lightweight & extremely robustight


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"Exceptional results in all types of conditions, especially in the toughest ones"


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Durable and Innovative

Designed to last

4th Generation of the most durable arm with lower power requirement compared to all others in its class. Active in the initial phase of operation, Sturdy in the second, and Lightweight in the final part. Maintenance-free with a 10-Year Warranty against breakage

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Working with large amounts of stubble and crop residues is not a problem thanks to the height and spacing of the frame.



Different options for all types of work. You can choose from 6 types of rollers



Design of the entire assembly to offer higher performance





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"Better in tough conditions"

Handling hundreds of hectares in primary operations, with residues, at greater depths, and behind high-powered tractors is not a problem. This is where the potential of the SuperTILLER shines best.

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Robust frame

The SuperTILLER features an extremely sturdy, durable, and lightweight frame, ensuring a long equipment life even under continuous and tough work conditions. With a more compact weight, maneuvers and transport are safer. Additionally, the 3-meter model offers a foldable system option, enabling its use with smaller tractors.

A modular design allows for various working and compacting options using the same frame. Minimal grease points reduce maintenance.






Folded Packer

The SuperTILLER 30 (3.00m) can be equipped with an automatic roller folding system.

In all field tests, we have observed that our SuperTILLER does not pose significant challenges for less powerful tractors to operate perfectly with the implement. However, despite having one of the lightest assemblies on the market, transportation is compromised with these types of tractors.

The goal is to reduce the weight of the rear part, bringing the roller closer to the tractor. To achieve this, we have designed one of the simplest and most effective systems to solve this problem. The folding system uses two small hydraulic pistons to lift the roller for transportation. These same hydraulic pistons allow for automatic depth control, a simple and effective idea.

What does all this mean in numbers? Well, by adding just 20kg from the folding system, we achieve an effect of reducing 600kg in the assembly.





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