"Strong, Robust, and Efficient"




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Maximum Capacity and Efficiency

The SuperTILLER MoTion represents our range of trailed cultivators designed for the most demanding tasks. Adapted for deep tillage and residue management, they are characterized by more efficient use of tractor power along with great maneuverability and easy adjustment. They can be used for deeper or shallower vertical tillage, in hard or softer soils, always delivering satisfactory results without compromises. Configure them according to your needs, and the equipment will demonstrate its full potential from day one.





Diseño Smart design

The MoTion platform incorporates effective solutions. Firstly, it places the wheels in the center of the equipment, which significantly improves weight distribution, provides greater maneuverability, and ensures better results in the field. The only depth control point is located in the center of the equipment, ensuring uniform regulation between the right and left sides of the machine. Additionally, the hydraulic system also adjusts the front control wheels.

The SuperTILLER MoTion is highly insensitive to lateral forces, allowing the cultivator to work completely straight behind the tractor, which is an advantage when using GPS guidance systems or working in fields with buried coverage irrigation. 




For the Profesional farmer

Like all other Vomer cultivators, the SuperTILLER MoTion is designed with highly reliable components and constructed with high-strength steel in every part. The high-strength, maintenance-free arms ensure continuous, worry-free operation campaign after campaign, allowing time to be spent on the job rather than on repairs or maintenance.

The great maneuverability in the field demonstrates that these equipments are more cost-effective, using less time per hectare, and significantly reducing the power required for the same working width.




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 "The trailed SuperTILLER can increase efficiency by up to 25%"



















Robust and Innovative

Built to Last

4th Generation of the strongest arm with a lower power requirement than all others in its class. Active in the initial phase of operation, Firm in the second, and Light in the final part. Maintenance-free with a 10-year warranty against breakage.

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Simple, Spacious, and Highly Robust Design. Easy-to-use adjustments built to last season after season with minimal maintenance.



The tine and its arrangement on the frame maximize work efficiency, effectively harnessing the tractor's power and reducing fuel consumption per hectare.



Thanks to its maneuverability and ease of handling, time savings can be observed even in small plots. The stability of the equipment allows for maintaining a high working speed. 











Superior efficiency in tough conditions

Ready to tackle hundreds of hectares in primary tillage, with residue, at greater depths, and behind high-powered tractors.


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Intermediate wheels and central depth control

The intermediate position of the wheels ensures a balanced weight distribution, ensuring stability and preventing the equipment from nodding during operation. The independent movement of the wheels allows for great ease of handling in the field, enabling the equipment to be fully raised during maneuvers or to alleviate weight on the roller. The hydraulic depth control greatly simplifies operation.

Optionally, the road suspension system can be incorporated.




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SHOX Technology in the Roller

Adaptive Roller System for Soil Irregularities. Ideal for roller-only compaction tasks. Working in tandem adds stability at high speeds and ensures more uniform compaction. SHOX technology also enables the addition of 'extra weight' onto the roller to increase compaction if needed.

*Exclusive Vomer System available only with compacting rollers





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SuperTILLER MOTION Chissel Muelle Arrastrado
SuperTILLER MOTION Chissel Muelle Arrastrado
SuperTILLER MOTION Chissel Muelle Arrastrado
SuperTILLER MOTION Chissel Muelle Arrastrado











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